Siste nytt fra Gombolo+

Har snakket én time med Samuel i Kenya nå (over skype). Vårt tredje barnesenter skal snart taklegges; i dag har de kappa stein til bygging av utviklingssenteret, i morgen skal de grave for grunnmur og på mandag-ish starter bygging! Videre

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Life right now!

Hello! My Medical studies is getting really interesting! I have not turned my jet-lag after the trip to NYC, so this weekend, I have been in the Emergency in the hospital 2 nights. Wow, it´s so many impressions. I meet

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Shape in New York

Last week, I was in NYC at a conference with Shapers from all over the world. From the hub in Oslo, it was me and Ivan (picture above) who traveled. There were some really good speeches and as you can

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Visit in Sunndal Community, Nordmøre

Today, I have been to a place called Sunndal. I have never been here before, however, it is so beautiful! The people are nice too. They invited me to talk to the youths. In Norway, all the smal local governments

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Guinness World Record – Changing the World in Zambia

Together with a lot of friends, Rune Kalland and Sondre Mikal Knutsen are arranging a Guinness world record trial in September. WHY?? To make a long story short: Rune went to Zambia some years back. He volunteered teaching youths in

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