Life right now!

My Medical studies is getting really interesting! I have not turned my jet-lag after the trip to NYC, so this weekend, I have been in the Emergency in the hospital 2 nights. Wow, it´s so many impressions. I meet people who are dying, Extremely sick or in really bad conditions. It is good that the doctors can help most of them some how. I feel like entering a new world. There are so many things to learn!

Today we learnt how to wash hands and how to dress during a surgery!


I am currently working a lot with new MOREMBO-designs, this bag is now for sale in my web-shop:


In Kenya, things are going on well, I just got this film from Samuel, they have started to build the Children Center for Siri and Thomas (who married earlier this year and donated more than 10 000 USD to build their own center for orphans and vulnerable children:

In Gombolo, they are finishing the toilets for the development Center, more pictures will come!

Have a nice week!

Anne Louise

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