Mentor-Program – a great idea!

I am currently working on a new idea together with the locals in Kenya. The new tecknology is amazeing! Yesterday, we actually had our first video-meeting live on Skype – from the village directly to Oslo! I can´t believe it!


We were talking about our two children centers, ACDC with 103 children and TOPPEN with 110 children. Many of them are orphans. At the same time, we (YOU!!) are sponsoring 160 bright and needy students in Secondary School – the idea is to combine these projects.


We will start a program whereby the youths in Secondary will be mentors for the children in our centers. The plan is that the mentors and the children can meet regularly and that the older students can assist the young children with school-work and other challenges they might have.


When I started school, I also had a mentor, that was a girl, 6 year older than me, and I can remember how much I looked up to her! I even felt safer in school. To me she was so big, even though she was only a 6th-grader! (12 years old or so).

So many of our children in Kenya are in need of someone who cares. And I believe the students in Secondary will grow a lot by mentoring the youngsters.

If you have any good ideas – please write them here or in the facebook-page of Aid in Action – In Norwegian or English :-)

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Anne Louise
«You don´t need to change the world, but you can!»

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