We are making cash!

Hi to all of you who follow my blog! I hope you are doing good!

In the villages in Kenya, a lot of things are happening these days. Here is a photo of the Development Center which is now being roofed:
This weekend, I talked to Samuel who is leading our projects in Kenya. He was really excited, telling me that the onions produced in the schools are selling for 20-30 shillings. They harvest a lot. To compare, a day salary in Gombolo is around 100 shillings. (6,5NOK or 1 USD). The income is used to purchase food for the children in the primary schools. 1 kg white mais costs almost the same as one onion (38 shillings). Earlier, we fundraised cash for school-food, now the schools buy the food themselves. Thanks to all of you who are helping us changing the world for so many people, especially the smal children that nobody cares for!

Here are photos of the greenhouses in the schools, some papaya trees and some onions comming up:

It´s really cool that we are actually making money! Instead of just spending again and again like traditional aid.
This is skomawiki and a papaya tree in Kikuyuni Secondary School:

Some ladies are fetching water from the borehole we made in Kikuyuni village:

Here is also a photo of our third children center, which is in Katangi, it will open in January:

Right now, we are looking for sponsors for the bright and needy students who will start Secondary school in January. If you understand Norwegian, please look at this video:

You can help in various ways. Look at this: Help 100 youths to start school in January
Of the 100 students we would like to sponsor, 28 are from our 2 children centers.

I really hope some of you can afford to help these youths, its just 85 NOK per moth (That is 14 USD) – that will cover for their secondary education.

Anne Louise

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Update from Kenya and life in Norway!

Hi! Long time since I have been blogging, it does not mean that nothing is happening:

Last week, they were finnishing our 3rd children center (sponsored by the wedding of Thomas and Siri), which is built in Katangi:

Some children came to see what is happening. A commity will select the most needy children that will join in, during December and January.

Last week, Katangi Dispencary / birth clinic got water. We have been piping 3,3 km. from Mweleki Borehole:


This is the government borehole where we get the clean water:


This is the birth-clinic that has got water:

The locals are now building Gombolo Development Center:

The toilets were painted last week:

Early November, the people in the village had a gatherering with more than 500 people present. They were using our 3 tents (btw – that business is going good and generates an income for the children center mentioned above) They were praying for the building process of the development center:

In Norway, life is good for me.

I am in school every day, learning about the lungs, the hearth and the kidneys and how to treat patiens with problems in these brilliant systems.  And I read a lot!

I had a great time with some friends at a conference for christian medical students, some weeks back, this is me and my friend Helena:


At the 17th of october, I was joining Global Dignity day. Together with the  Governing Mayor of Oslo, I was discussing dignity with a class at Ullern Secondary School:

Tonight I am goint to London, I will have a meeting with Coca Cola tomorrow, discussing their 5by20 program – their vision for this program is to economically empower 5 million women within 2020.  I hope that I can contribute something.  I have many good ideas.

Have a nice week!

Anne Louise





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Funeral Business for Kidz!

Here are some photos to illustrate whats going on!

Right now, we are doing several things. First of all, we are building a big development center in Gombolo (the village where these projects initialy started in 2008):

photo (17)

Here they measure where to build the development center (over). A lot of the materials have already arrived on site (under):

photo (18)

Thanks to Thomas and Siri (who told their wedding guests to give money), we are also building a new children center in a town called Katangi:

photo (14)

Here are the toilets comming up:

photo (15)

This picture makes me happy:

Daniel, Susan and Ester

It´s of Suzan, Daniel and Ester, they are the first 3 students we have sponsored through secondary school. The last months, they have been working in our projects in Gombolo, however, right now they are taking a computer course before they will start college next year.


Suzan and Daniel to the right.

One of our innovative projects is actually a business for funerals. Sounds good?! It is for weddings too. And for other occasions which may need some tents. We are renting them out every weekend, the surpluss will go to run the children center in Katangi (mentioned above):

photo (16)

This time, it was a funeral which needed tents for shading. We make money every weekend, and I love it, because soon and very soon, a lot of children will benefit from this in the new center!!!!

I hope that we can start such projects along all the charity-projects, it will make them undependent of support from Norway. Which is so important in a long term point of view.

I am so proud of Samuel and Mary who are in charge of all the projects in Kenya. We had a long talk at skype today, Samuel was reporting non stop for 1 hour from all what is going on! And we were not half way down the list. They will wake up at 5 and go to the village saturday morning (from Nairobi).

I just got a photo of Mary, I call her MOREMBO, cause she is very beautiful:

photo (13)

Have a nice weekend :)

Anne Louise



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Siste nytt fra Gombolo+

Har snakket én time med Samuel i Kenya nå (over skype). Vårt tredje barnesenter skal snart taklegges; i dag har de kappa stein til bygging av utviklingssenteret, i morgen skal de grave for grunnmur og på mandag-ish starter bygging! Videre jobber de med å få opp tørking av papayaene, baking av brød, utleie av telt, eggproduksjon og mye, mye mer! Vi tenker stort, men starter i det små!! Share it if you like it!! God helg! -Anne Louise

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Life right now!

My Medical studies is getting really interesting! I have not turned my jet-lag after the trip to NYC, so this weekend, I have been in the Emergency in the hospital 2 nights. Wow, it´s so many impressions. I meet people who are dying, Extremely sick or in really bad conditions. It is good that the doctors can help most of them some how. I feel like entering a new world. There are so many things to learn!

Today we learnt how to wash hands and how to dress during a surgery!


I am currently working a lot with new MOREMBO-designs, this bag is now for sale in my web-shop:



In Kenya, things are going on well, I just got this film from Samuel, they have started to build the Children Center for Siri and Thomas (who married earlier this year and donated more than 10 000 USD to build their own center for orphans and vulnerable children:

In Gombolo, they are finishing the toilets for the development Center, more pictures will come!

Have a nice week!

Anne Louise

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