Shape in New York

Last week, I was in NYC at a conference with Shapers from all over the world.











From the hub in Oslo, it was me and Ivan (picture above) who traveled.

There were some really good speeches and as you can see I made a lot of new friends.

The highlights was to hear how General Electrics are focusing on development.
To talk to people in Coca-Cola and learn how they are able to deliver their drinks to the most remote areas in the world. (this business model is something I really would like to adopt to development projects later!)

And to get to know people just few years older than me working in Google, Washington Post, Mc Kinsey, Edelman, business people/entrepreneurs, people into fashion etc.

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Visit in Sunndal Community, Nordmøre

Today, I have been to a place called Sunndal.

Skjermbilde 2012-09-03 kl. 23.05.41

I have never been here before, however, it is so beautiful! The people are nice too.


They invited me to talk to the youths. In Norway, all the smal local governments try to involve the youths. Mostly because they are the future and know their own generation more than anyone else.


First, I had a meeting together with the youths who are represented in the «local youth government» (Ungdommenes Kommunestyre), I was telling from my own life, how I have been  engaged in many different things (not only development in Africa!), and told them how it is possible to make a change  - dare to go for your dreams. Think bigger than yourself, etc. We discussed «what is the Norwegian Dream?» to get even more or to help other people who suffer.


Later, they challenged me to climp a very high mountain, we went 400 meters straight up! That was great :) And a bit scary sometimes…





In the end of the day, we had a meeting together with the Major in Sunndal, Ståle Refstie  (man to the right). I had a speech and then we discussed in groups what challenges they have here.IMG_2545

We were addressing different issues:

- Many people come here as refugees from other countries or are waiting for permission to stay in Norway. Some of the youths wanted to do something to improve their living conditions while they are waiting for the government to make a decition.

- The youths explained that many young people here are addicted to drugs – maybe because they are bored, they lack challenges in life ….

- They also wanted to do something for someone in an other country and I challenged them to support 30 students in Kenya who will start secondary School in January next year.

Finaly, I ate tomato-soup with Maren (15), she is one of the girls who really wanted to do something to make a change.

Together, we called our Project Manager in Kenya and discussed with him.

And Maren made a plan of action about involving the youths in Sunndal:


It has been a great day! The youths and the adults were all inspired. Even I am inspired to see so many young people who wants to make a change! I am looking foreward to see what they can do.

Anne  Louise









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Guinness World Record – Changing the World in Zambia

Skjermbilde 2012-09-01 kl. 14.58.19

Together with a lot of friends, Rune Kalland and Sondre Mikal Knutsen are arranging a Guinness world record trial in September. WHY??

To make a long story short: Rune went to Zambia some years back. He volunteered teaching youths in Zambia to play football. He was very concerned because many of them dropped out of school – mostly because they lack money to pay school tuition fees, as in Kenya. He wanted to do something, and so he did; he started the»Back to School Program» and challenged friends here in Norway to join in so that they could help finance school tuition fees for more children. Last year, they sponsored more than 30 children and youths!


Then he saw me on TV, and I guess he was inspired because of my young age. He wanted to do more. However, his situation was familiar to the situation I faced some years back: No NGO´s (Non Governmental Organizations) could help him. He needed an official registered bank account, a registered NGO, a web site, a brand, accountings and something bigger than himself etc.

When Prospera Network finally helped me start Aid in Action and get all the great organization-facilities we have today, I thought it would be good to share all the facilities with more people! When Rune called me and explained his situation, we met, discussed some more, and agreed that he could join Aid in Action and become a project leader like I am for our projects in Kenya.

I just love that we can change the world in different ways. He and his friends like to play futsal (indoor football without shoes). That´s why they involve a lot of people and combine the passion for helping youths in Zambia with a Guinnes World Record try.

Their goal with the Record is to get funds for a youth Center in Zambia – were they will help youths to get jobs etc. The total price is about 150 000 NOK (25 000 USD).

This is their account for the Project: 9680.39.62194

I wish them good luck!

Anne Louise

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Wedding, Toilets and Children center!

Thomas og Siri sent me an e-mail before Christmas last year. They told me that they were about to marry and that they wished to use that occation to do something for somebody. We already have what we need, they told me.

Skjermbilde 2012-07-11 kl. 23.19.57

I challenged them to start their own Children Center. When they married in February this year, their guests gave them 65 000 NOK (aprox. 10 800 USD). Now, the people in Kenya have started building Karlsvogna Children Center!

Here is a picture of the land we bought:


This is the digging for the toilets:


Some children from the town were they are building:


This third children center will be more advanced than the first two we have made. Mosty because this will be in a small town where they have plenty of streetboys and are in need of something more solid.

This is the budget for the building and interiour:

Skjermbilde 2012-08-25 kl. 00.04.16


I am so excited and I know Siri and Thomas and their friends are excited too!

To run the center, we have bought 3 big tents and chairs that people can rent for different occations, like weddings, funerals etc. The business has already started and will generate income so that they can buy food for the children and pay the employees.

I will keep you posted, this is gonna be great!

I have just started school this week (5. semester, Medicine). This semester is very interesting, I am mostly in the hospital, learning about heart failure and a lot more! I am so thankful to be healthy! – if you are healthy too – remember it :)

Anne Louise

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Fencing has started!


The locals have started fencing the land for the development center!

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