We are making cash!

Hi to all of you who follow my blog! I hope you are doing good!

In the villages in Kenya, a lot of things are happening these days. Here is a photo of the Development Center which is now being roofed:
This weekend, I talked to Samuel who is leading our projects in Kenya. He was really excited, telling me that the onions produced in the schools are selling for 20-30 shillings. They harvest a lot. To compare, a day salary in Gombolo is around 100 shillings. (6,5NOK or 1 USD). The income is used to purchase food for the children in the primary schools. 1 kg white mais costs almost the same as one onion (38 shillings). Earlier, we fundraised cash for school-food, now the schools buy the food themselves. Thanks to all of you who are helping us changing the world for so many people, especially the smal children that nobody cares for!

Here are photos of the greenhouses in the schools, some papaya trees and some onions comming up:

It´s really cool that we are actually making money! Instead of just spending again and again like traditional aid.
This is skomawiki and a papaya tree in Kikuyuni Secondary School:

Some ladies are fetching water from the borehole we made in Kikuyuni village:

Here is also a photo of our third children center, which is in Katangi, it will open in January:

Right now, we are looking for sponsors for the bright and needy students who will start Secondary school in January. If you understand Norwegian, please look at this video:

You can help in various ways. Look at this: Help 100 youths to start school in January
Of the 100 students we would like to sponsor, 28 are from our 2 children centers.

I really hope some of you can afford to help these youths, its just 85 NOK per moth (That is 14 USD) – that will cover for their secondary education.

Anne Louise

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