Wedding, Toilets and Children center!

Thomas og Siri sent me an e-mail before Christmas last year. They told me that they were about to marry and that they wished to use that occation to do something for somebody. We already have what we need, they told me.

Skjermbilde 2012-07-11 kl. 23.19.57

I challenged them to start their own Children Center. When they married in February this year, their guests gave them 65 000 NOK (aprox. 10 800 USD). Now, the people in Kenya have started building Karlsvogna Children Center!

Here is a picture of the land we bought:


This is the digging for the toilets:


Some children from the town were they are building:


This third children center will be more advanced than the first two we have made. Mosty because this will be in a small town where they have plenty of streetboys and are in need of something more solid.

This is the budget for the building and interiour:

Skjermbilde 2012-08-25 kl. 00.04.16


I am so excited and I know Siri and Thomas and their friends are excited too!

To run the center, we have bought 3 big tents and chairs that people can rent for different occations, like weddings, funerals etc. The business has already started and will generate income so that they can buy food for the children and pay the employees.

I will keep you posted, this is gonna be great!

I have just started school this week (5. semester, Medicine). This semester is very interesting, I am mostly in the hospital, learning about heart failure and a lot more! I am so thankful to be healthy! – if you are healthy too – remember it :)

Anne Louise

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