Funeral Business for Kidz!

Here are some photos to illustrate whats going on!

Right now, we are doing several things. First of all, we are building a big development center in Gombolo (the village where these projects initialy started in 2008):

photo (17)

Here they measure where to build the development center (over). A lot of the materials have already arrived on site (under):

photo (18)

Thanks to Thomas and Siri (who told their wedding guests to give money), we are also building a new children center in a town called Katangi:

photo (14)

Here are the toilets comming up:

photo (15)

This picture makes me happy:

Daniel, Susan and Ester

It´s of Suzan, Daniel and Ester, they are the first 3 students we have sponsored through secondary school. The last months, they have been working in our projects in Gombolo, however, right now they are taking a computer course before they will start college next year.


Suzan and Daniel to the right.

One of our innovative projects is actually a business for funerals. Sounds good?! It is for weddings too. And for other occasions which may need some tents. We are renting them out every weekend, the surpluss will go to run the children center in Katangi (mentioned above):

photo (16)

This time, it was a funeral which needed tents for shading. We make money every weekend, and I love it, because soon and very soon, a lot of children will benefit from this in the new center!!!!

I hope that we can start such projects along all the charity-projects, it will make them undependent of support from Norway. Which is so important in a long term point of view.

I am so proud of Samuel and Mary who are in charge of all the projects in Kenya. We had a long talk at skype today, Samuel was reporting non stop for 1 hour from all what is going on! And we were not half way down the list. They will wake up at 5 and go to the village saturday morning (from Nairobi).

I just got a photo of Mary, I call her MOREMBO, cause she is very beautiful:

photo (13)

Have a nice weekend :)

Anne Louise



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