Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I have written here now. However it is not because nothing is happening – rather the contrary – there is still a lot of things going on!


Gombolo Developing Center

Gombolo Developing Center

Here are some updates from Kenya: First of all, we have finished “phase 1” in building the development center. We now have a bakery with a baking oven where they are going to bake bread and other things. Those working in the bakery have been attending a course where they learnt how to bake.



We have also got a quite large storage room in the development center. The purpose with this storage room is that the people in the village can sell corn and beans to the development center. Then the food is stored here in the storage room for later when there is drought and the prices in the markets are really high. Then they can buy it back for a little bit more money, but still it will be far cheaper than the marked price.



Further the development center has a large hen’s house. There we have 350 chickens to start with. The purpose is to sell their eggs.

Also, we have got our first Papaya dryer. We have planted so many Papaya trees in the village and now it is time to dry the Papayas.

The whole purpose with the development center is that we will have income enough to use for all the different social projects in the villages, for example the children’s’ center, education etc. Further the goal is to help the local people to create an income themselves so that the fathers and mothers can take care of their children and themselves. And that they, over time, will become independent and do not need help from others. Finally our goal is to increase their level of knowledge in the village so that they will be more able to help themselves in regard to managing their own agriculture, health, education and business.

Stay in touch with us – a lot of exciting things are happening!

All the best to you all! :)

Anne Louise

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