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A lot is happening these days. I’ve just finished my exams in medical science (heart, lungs and kidneys), and exciting things are happening all over the place. The children’s centre KCDC Kantagi Children Development Centre in Kenya is completed. They’re going to start interviewing applicants for the positions there and choose children (based on a number of criteria). A committee is in charge of choosing children for the centre based on their need to stay there. This is to ensure that the chosen ones are the ones that need it the most. Most of the children there will either be orphans or from homes with no follow-up and they’ll be extremely poor. We from Norway are not capable of imagining what this is like.

Furthermore, we’re getting closer to finishing the development centre (which I’ve written a lot about previously). It will be very exciting to get it up and running. REC has sponsored solar panels and Willhelmsenorganised free shipping of these. The solar panels are currently on their way to Kenya.

Back here in Norway, I’ve just visited the Crown Prince and Crown Princess at their home (Skaugum). This was for the event “Vismennenes dag 2013” (“Wise Men’s day 2013”), and young people involved in all kinds of social work in Norway participated. The theme for the event was cruelty, and the Crown Princess told us she wrote her postgraduate thesis on cruelty. It is a very interesting topic, as bad stuff is happening all over the world, and there are evil people out there doing cruel and evil things. We discussed why people are evil, and our conclusion was that we find it easier to recognise evil in others than in ourselves, and that we all have some evil in us. As a Christian, I also believe in the Bible which states that all humans are evil and we all do evil things, but we can also be forgiven by Jesus. The Bible also tells us that we can flee from the evil and chase the good, and we can fight evil with good. This is something I always try to do. I thinkindifference is one form of evil. It is easier to take action when people close to home are suffering; however, these days it’s not that difficult to travel (even though it might be far)to help people in need. This is something we all should think about. Another thing that comes to mind is also a passage from the Bible, and it says that lovecast out all evil. I think lack of love can be one definition of evil, just as darkness is a lack of light and cold is a lack of warmth.

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