I am publishing my first book!

This friday, I am publishing my first book. It is only in Norwegian (so far!), and the name is «Papayaene i Gombolo»

It was a special feeling to hold it! Bok_AL

You can order one here: http://gombolo.no/

Friday night, we are having a big party to celebrate.

This summer, I spent 3 weeks in Kenya. Among others, I visited these people:
This lady is called Salome. She has 200 mango trees, some Papaya trees and also some few Eucalyptus trees (below).
Can you see how big they are? I could not believe what I saw. The Eucalyptus trees were planted in our first competition in 2010!

The Papaya trees have thousands of delicious fruits:

I couldn´t stop eating.
The lady (in orange) has planted around 150 trees!

The most funny thing to see in Gombolo was all our chickens:

They have started to lay eggs!

Have a nice day

Anne Louise

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