Update from Kenya and life in Norway!

Hi! Long time since I have been blogging, it does not mean that nothing is happening:

Last week, they were finnishing our 3rd children center (sponsored by the wedding of Thomas and Siri), which is built in Katangi:

Some children came to see what is happening. A commity will select the most needy children that will join in, during December and January.

Last week, Katangi Dispencary / birth clinic got water. We have been piping 3,3 km. from Mweleki Borehole:


This is the government borehole where we get the clean water:


This is the birth-clinic that has got water:

The locals are now building Gombolo Development Center:

The toilets were painted last week:

Early November, the people in the village had a gatherering with more than 500 people present. They were using our 3 tents (btw – that business is going good and generates an income for the children center mentioned above) They were praying for the building process of the development center:

In Norway, life is good for me.

I am in school every day, learning about the lungs, the hearth and the kidneys and how to treat patiens with problems in these brilliant systems.  And I read a lot!

I had a great time with some friends at a conference for christian medical students, some weeks back, this is me and my friend Helena:


At the 17th of october, I was joining Global Dignity day. Together with the  Governing Mayor of Oslo, I was discussing dignity with a class at Ullern Secondary School:

Tonight I am goint to London, I will have a meeting with Coca Cola tomorrow, discussing their 5by20 program – their vision for this program is to economically empower 5 million women within 2020.  I hope that I can contribute something.  I have many good ideas.

Have a nice week!

Anne Louise





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